For Laurie Chilcote, a career in environmental remediation allows her to pursue several professional interests, and helped garner a diverse background. She begins, “I like variety, challenges, collaboration, and helping others. I am grateful for the opportunities my career has provided- meeting and working with so many people and organizations in the environmental industry from all over the world, and collaborating on how to protect the environment.” Chilcote admits to “wearing many hats” when describing her current position with Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., a leading environmental firm and valued Land Science® partner.

Featured Video: The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP)

The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP) is a collaborative community of professionals specializing in disciplines related to vapor intrusion. This includes conceptual site modelers, soil gas scientists, chemists, engineers, geologists, groundwater specialists, remediation specialists, architects, building scientists, electricians, and other craftsmen in the development and environmental industries. AVIP exists to create nationally recognized educational and credentialing standards for industry professionals as well as resources to regulators, consultants, and the general public. The Association is also committed to promoting industry-acceptable, and actionable thresholds for vapor intrusion.

Featured Project Snapshot: Townhome Residents Protected from Exposure to Vapors

A townhome development in Greenville, South Carolina, implemented the MonoShield® vapor barrier and TerraVent™ low-profile venting system to address low-level volatiles organic compounds, keeping future tenants safe from exposure. The environmental consultant required a turnkey installation for the barrier and venting system along with quality assurance/ quality control testing of the system. The consultant also evaluated a single-layer polyolefin sheet system that relies on taped seams and is not installed by a certified applicator or smoke tested. In comparing the approaches and costs of the two options, the MonoShield system was selected based on the time-efficient, certified installation in addition to its proven chemical resistance.

MonoShield: A Vapor Barrier System that Delivers on Safety and the Bottomline

MonoShield is a chemically resistant and easy-to-apply barrier specifically designed as a preemptive solution for vapor intrusion at brownfield redevelopment sites. It is backed by unparalleled design support, robust warranty options, and a network of certified applicators who can ensure quality installation.

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Land Science is pleased to be 2021/2022 Annual Platinum Sponsors for AVIP! The purpose of AVIP is to build a community of professionals dedicated to advancing the industry and providing a forum for informational exchange of knowledge and science related to Vapor Intrusion (VI); as well as establishing a central resource for technology, guidance, standards, credentialing and best practices for both those in the industry and those seeking VI related services.

At Land Science, we know many environmental firms are investing time to focus on staff training to get up-to-date on new technologies and regulations. We have prepared a library of pre-recorded webinars available on our website at no charge. Topics include vapor intrusion regulations and mitigation. We will also provide certificates of attendance for any webinar viewed upon request by emailing

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