MonoShield vapor barrier

MonoShield Protects Warehouse Against Potential Methane Vapor Intrusion

Project snapshot highlights:

  • Easy, fast installation leads to successful implementation during winter conditions
  • Effective implementation in near-freezing temperatures
  • 220,000 square feet of MonoShield installed

A 220,000-square-foot warehouse development in Maryland, located near a former landfill, required contaminant vapor mitigation measures against the potential for methane vapor intrusion (VI). The initial VI mitigation system design proposed a 20-mil plastic membrane with taped seams. While this design met the minimum requirements for VI protection, its implementation during winter posed significant challenges. Cold weather conditions can diminish the workability of taped-barrier systems, leading to significant in-field challenges and project delays. To circumvent these issues and ensure adequate protection against methane VI, the project team sought the expertise of Land Science® for its MonoShield® Reinforced Metalized Contaminant Vapor Barrier and TerraVent Low-Profile Venting System.

vapor intrusion webinar

Crucial Design Tips for Effective Vapor Mitigation Implementation

We were pleased to have special guest speaker Spencer Cox, Project Environmental Specialist at United Consulting, share his extensive contaminant vapor mitigation implementation experience in this month’s “Distinguished Speaker” webinar. His presentation provided crucial design tips for practitioners responsible for vapor mitigation planning and construction with an emphasis on the design process. Attendees gained valuable insight into the significance of vapor mitigation and the pivotal role a robust QA/QC program, along with proper installation techniques, play in ensuring the long-term success of their project. He was joined by Jason Wilt, Southeast District Technical Manager at Land Science.

Practical Tips Include:

  • Different types of mitigation solutions and the best practices for installation and repair
  • Why certain vapors, like methane, require an extra level of attention due to their immediate danger
  • Details on more protective, cost-effective vapor barriers using metalized film and nitrile-advanced spray-applied technology
  • Thorough and effective QA/QC processes to ensure successful installation of vapor mitigation systems

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