September 2022 Land Science Newsletter

Video: MonoShield® Accelerates Redevelopment for New River City Business Park

A  historic St. Louis manufacturing site has been transformed from a former brownfield to the new River City Business Park. Green Street Real Estate Ventures, working with environmental consultant ATON Environmental, specified MonoShield, a reinforced metalized contaminant vapor barrier proven to be a more cost-effective and reliable choice for vapor intrusion mitigation. Learn more by watching the case study video.

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MonoShield® Technical Data Sheet

MonoShield® is a single-layer, under slab contaminant vapor barrier offering superior chemical resistance, durability, and ease of installation versus traditional sheet membranes. The patented MonoShield system is composed of an innovative metalized composite geomembrane, MonoBase™, that is seamed together during installation with Nitra‑Core™, a spray‑applied, nitrile-modified asphalt. MonoShield is an optimal mitigation solution to reduce liability for large, slab-on-grade buildings where installation speed is critical, for sites with a low-level vapor intrusion (VI) risk, or for use in conjunction with active sub-slab venting systems.

Upcoming Webinar: Air Data Quality Control – A Case Study

In this webinar, we are pleased to have special guest speaker Sigrida Reinis, PhD, PE, Senior Associate at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc. Her presentation will discuss a case study in air quality data control. She will be joined by Hieu Nguyen, Principal Engineer at Land Science, who will discuss innovative vapor intrusion mitigation system technologies. This webinar airs Tuesday, October 25th at 11am pacific / 2pm eastern.

Advanced Contaminant Vapor Barrier Systems: More Protective, More Cost-Effective

As experts in the field of contaminant vapor intrusion mitigation, Land Science® works with leading engineering firms, environmental consultants, building owners, and real estate developers to offer safe and effective contaminant vapor intrusion mitigation solutions in the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Learn more about Land Science by downloading the corporate brochure.

Learning Lab Demonstration with Hieu Nguyen, Principal Engineer, at the AVIP VI Conference

Attending the AVIP VI Conference in Nashville, TN October 9th-11th? Be sure to attend Land Science’s Learning Lab conducted by Hieu Nguyen titled “Best Practices for Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Passive Barrier Installations at New and Existing Buildings.” Hieu will conduct a 15-minute demonstration that reviews the recommended quality control practices for membrane installation at both new and existing buildings. This training will focus on quality control steps to measure spray-applied barrier thickness, and verify seam integrity and physical properties of composite barriers during field installation. The demonstration will include a hands-on display where attendees can witness and test vapor barriers on aggregate to simulate field installation procedures. Contact Jordan Knight to receive $50 off your VI Conference registration. We hope to see you there!

EPA webinar

Webinar Recording Now Available: US EPA Grant Allocation for Assessment & Remediation

In this webinar we were pleased to have as special guest speakers from the US EPA Jerry Minor-Gordon, Program Analyst for the Office of Brownfields & Land Revitalization; Cindy J. Nolan, Manager for the Brownfields & Redevelopment Section; and Brian Gross, Environmental Scientist at Region 4. Their presentation discussed US EPA grant allocation for assessment & remediation.

Upcoming Events

AVIP Vapor Intrusion Conference

10/9-10/11/2022 | Nashville, TN

AEHS East Coast Conference

10/17 – 10/22/2022 | Amherst, MA

Florida Remediation Conference

11/16-11/18/2022 | Orlando, FL

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To receive a custom vapor intrusion solution, please call 949.481.8118 or visit One of our Technical Solutions Managers will review your project details and provide you with a customized vapor intrusion solution designed to achieve your site goals.

webinar recording

Air Data Quality Control: A Case Study

In this webinar we were pleased to have special guest speaker Sigrida Reinis, PhD, PE, Senior Associate at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc. Her presentation discussed a case study in air quality data control. She was joined by Hieu Nguyen, Principal Engineer at Land Science, who discussed innovative vapor intrusion mitigation system technologies.

Learn the following in this free webinar:

    • Issues surrounding detectable levels of contamination that can adversely affect data quality due to SUMMA canisters
    • A vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) case study where inexplicable anomalies were observed in the monitoring data set
    • A numerical approach presented identifying anomalous data developed by Langan to address this problem

In recent years, both anecdotal evidence and rigorous research have indicated that even individually certified SUMMA canisters may arrive at a project site with detectable levels of contamination that can adversely affect data quality. Research (by others) indicates that while approximately three percent of duplicate groundwater samples have laboratory analytical results that differ significantly from those of the primary sample, with whole air samples this inconsistency increases ten-fold. This presentation will focus on one site in the San Francisco Bay Area at which a passive sub-slab vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) was installed during construction and whole air sampling, for the purposes of VIMS performance monitoring, began in the fall of 2016. After several years of regular monitoring, inexplicable anomalies were observed in the data set, and the frequency of anomalies increased over subsequent monitoring events. In response, Langan developed a numerical approach to identify anomalous data that was subsequently applied to the data sets. This presentation will provide a brief project background, describe the QC approach, discuss the ramifications to the project of the data anomalies and their identification, and describe the changes to the sampling program that will be implemented in the immediate future.

Recording now available

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