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TerraShield incorporates protective metalized sheets and nitrile-modified spray applied core.

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A Multi-Layer Base with Metalized Film Technology

The Land Science research and development team of scientists have invested years in developing the TerraShield vapor barrier system, which delivers orders of magnitude higher vapor intrusion protection as compared to the leading vapor barrier system. The new, innovative, metalized material and multiple layers of protection are key to the increased performance. The R&D team also improved on the core material, incorporating nitrile, known for its chemical resistance, as a key component. The result is a 100 times more effective protection as compared to existing vapor barriers in recent laboratory tests.

Nitrile-Advanced Spray-Applied Technology

Land Science researchers have developed a break-through technology which incorporates nitrile into the spray-applied core formulation, a material known for its superior chemical resistance. The resulting spray-applied core barrier offers an improvement of up to 10X in chemical resistivity compared to SBR-modified spray barriers.

Terrashield Layers

Orders of Magnitude More Effective Overall


TerraShield Tech Bulletin

6 Reasons To Specify a VI Barrier Offering the Highest Level of Chemical Resistance

TerraShield Mitigates Vapor Intrusion

Reduce Your Liability

When developing properties on sites with known environmental impacts, one of the biggest issues is the risk to human health. Failure to address these issues can result in adverse health effects and millions of dollars in legal exposure. TerraShield was designed specifically to eliminate risk of exposure by employing innovative technologies to provide best-in-class chemical resistance and durability. Backed by a robust warranty and installed by Land Science-certified applicators, each TerraShield installation is rigorously tested to ensure the quality of every seal and ultimately the complete vapor barrier system installed.

  • TerraBase+ lab-tested to be 100x more effective than 10 mil HDPE sheets
  • Nitra-Core nitrile-modified core laboratory tested to be up to 10x more effective than spray-applied asphalt latex core material
  • Highest level of protection available in a vapor barrier system
  • Land Science Certified Applicators ensure barriers are properly installed, reducing risk

A Cost-Effective Vapor Barrier with Unparalleled Chemical Resistance

Quick & Simple Installation

Excellent Durability

Chemically Resistant

Competitively Priced

The TerraShield System

Land Science Protection Fabric is a proprietary protection layer comprised of polyethylene (PE) thermally bonded to a geotextile fabric. The bond layer is placed over Nitra-Core to:

  1. Enhance the curing of the membrane
  2. Increase puncture resistance
  3. Provide the ability to bond the vapor barrier directly to the underside of the concrete slab

Nitra-Core is a nitrile-advanced asphalt latex that is spray applied to a thickness of 40 mils. It is applied to the TerraBase layer and provides a seal around seams, penetrations, and perimeter terminations.

TerraBase+ is a patent-pending 25-mil thick composite membrane comprised of flexible, chemically resistant polyethylene (PE) and
metalized films PET/MET, laminated to a tear resistant woven polyethylene and a high puncture reinforcement geotextile.

TerraVent is a low-profile, trenchless, flexible, sub-slab vapor collection system used in lieu of perforated piping. It consists of a heavy duty 3-dimensional, high flow, polypropylene dimpled core. The core is then wrapped and bonded with a non-woven geotextile to prevent soil, sand or gravel pass into the dimple core. TerraVent core is made from 100% Post-Industrial/Pre-Consumer polypropylene regrind material.

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