USC Village Project Incorporates Geo-Seal & Vapor Vent as Part of $700 million Student Residential Construction

Project Highlights

  • USC was able to stay on-time and on-budget while eliminating any future exposure to vapor intrusion.
  • A Geo-Seal barrier system was installed to prevent potential vapor exposure as part of the $700 million University of Southern California (USC) student residential village project.
  • Geo-Seal vapor barrier provides the new student residential colleges with the highest level of protection against vapor intrusion


Project Summary

As a part of the ongoing growth of the University of Southern California (USC) and in order to continue to attract top student talent, the University elected to invest $700 million in a new Residential Village. This village houses residential colleges, retail spaces, recreational facilities, and learning spaces. The USC trustees, alumni, parents, and friends envisioned the Residential Village to be a living and learning environment unlike any other, incorporating the latest technology with an inspiring aesthetic.

In every step of this expansion, the concern for student’s health and safety was the leading priority. This concern for safety, paired with a vision of a world-class living and learning environment, inspired the developers to incorporate preventative measures including Geo-Seal into their design and construction plans.


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