Introducing A New Advanced Nitrile Composite Barrier System

Nitra-Seal is an update/improvement on current vapor barrier systems, providing a more chemically resistant spray-applied core material.

Key Benefits of Nitrile:


Chemical Resistance

The dual chemical resistant layers combined with the spray-applied Nitra-Core form a barrier resistant to a wide range of chemical pollutant vapors.


Enhanced Curing

Nitra-Seal is “construction friendly” as the reduced curing time of the Nitra-Core layer and the ability to apply it in cooler temperatures ensures quick installation and minimizes the impact on construction schedules.


Puncture Resistance

Nitra-Seal forms a highly puncture resistant barrier that greatly reduces the chance of damage occurring after installation and prior to the placement of concrete.


Additional Protection

TerraVent can be used in conjunction with Nitra-Seal to alleviate the buildup of vapors beneath structures as a result of vapor barrier implementation. Terra-Vent can be utilized as an active or passive ventilation system depending on the requirements of the design engineer.

Nitra-Seal Triple-Layer System

Dual Chemical Resistant Layers

The Nitra-Base layer (bottom) and the Nitra‑Bond layer (top) are composed of a HDPE material bonded to a geo-textile on the out-facing side. HDPE is known for chemical resistance, high tensile strength, excellent stress-crack resistance and for highly reliable subsurface containment. The geo-textile which is physically bonded to the chemical resistant layer accomplishes two goals; it allows the Nitra-Bond layer to adhere to the slab, and provides a friction course between the Nitra-Base layer and the soil.

Spray-Applied Nitra-Core Layer

The Nitra-Core layer is composed of a unique, nitrile-modified asphaltic membrane which also provides additional protection against vapor transmission1. Nitrile has been proven to offer exceptional chemical resistance in a wide range of applications. This layer creates a highly-effective seal around slab penetrations and eliminates the need for mechanical fastening at termination points.

1 US and International patents pending


The Nitrile Advantage

An acknowledged weakness in other barrier systems is in the slab penetration and perimeter termination locations, where spray-applied core material composed of Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)- modified asphalt is used. While excellent at repelling water, aggressive chemicals such as petroleum solvents and chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), will permeate into the SBR-modified asphalt at a relatively high rate particularly in these vapor intrusion sensitive areas of the building construction.

Nitra-Seal offers a substantial upgrade as it employs a more chemically resistant nitrile latex instead of the more susceptible SBR material. Nitrile is recognized throughout the environmental engineering industry as being more chemically resistant than rubber or SBR and is often used in personal protective equipment when working on hazardous waste sites (e.g. nitrile gloves). Laboratory testing has shown up to 10X higher chemical resistance when compared to any other spray applied vapor barrier material on the market.

Nitra-Seal has been lab-tested and proven to be highly effective against VOCs like chlorinated solvents and petroleum contaminants, and methane.

Nitra-Seal is a significant improvement over all other composite vapor barriers on the market due to the use of chemically resistant Nitrile instead of typical spray applied barriers.

Nitra-Core is laboratory tested to be up to 10x more effective than typical spray-applied SBR modified asphalt material.

Land Science Certified Applicators ensure barriers are properly installed, reducing risk.


Nitra-Seal Product Brochure

Nitra-Seal Technical Bulletin

Nitra-Seal technical data

Nitra-Seal Technical Data Sheet

The Nitra-Seal System

Nitra-Seal is a composite barrier system that incorporates a nitrile spray-applied component significantly reducing the potential for indoor air exposure to sub-slab chemical vapors.

Improved Performance Over Current Vapor Mitigation Systems





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