June 2023 Land Science Newsletter

Featured Video | TerraShield Effectively Protects Future Residents from Contaminant Vapor Intrusion 

This video features a former industrial site in Lansing, Michigan, where a multi-family and senior residence community were being developed. Soil and groundwater were contaminated as a result of historic activities including chrome plating, underground storage tanks, automotive repair, a junkyard, and welding operations. TerraShield was chosen to mitigate potential vapor intrusion, offering the highest level of chemical resistance available on the market today, providing protection against vapor intrusion risk from contaminants like petroleum and Trichloroethylene (TCE). Installing TerraShield ensures the safety of indoor air for future residents of the development while meeting the regulatory requirements of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). Watch the video to learn more about this innovative vapor barrier technology.

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Video | Superior Chemical Resistance Over Any Vapor Barrier on the Market Today

The Land Science research and development team has invested years in developing the TerraShield vapor barrier system, which delivers orders of magnitude higher vapor intrusion protection as compared to the leading vapor barrier system. The new, innovative, metalized material and multiple layers of protection are key to the increased performance. The R&D team also improved on the core material, incorporating nitrile, known for its chemical resistance, as a key component. The result is 100 times more effective protection compared to existing vapor barriers in laboratory tests.

eBook | 6 Reasons to Specify a VI Barrier Offering the Highest Level of Chemical Resistance 

For properties where there is underlying contamination that cannot be removed and represents a serious risk to human health, it is important to have a solution that can effectively mitigate that risk and provide both building occupants and owners assurances that they are shielded from physical and financial harm. TerraShield offers a higher level of protection compared to any vapor barrier system available today. With industry-leading standards for installation along with robust warranty options, there is simply no better option on the market for industrial, commercial, or residential vapor intrusion mitigation.

Project Snapshot| MonoShield Installed Faster and at a Significantly Lower Cost than System with Taped Seams

Sawyer Yards is an apartment community located in Houston’s vibrant Arts District neighborhood. Chlorinated solvents were detected in soil gas, posing a potential vapor intrusion risk to future residents. The original vapor mitigation system (VMS) specification called for a single-layer barrier with taped seams. However, the building’s foundation contained many utility penetrations and terminations, requiring numerous taped seams. These taped seams significantly reduce application efficiency and ultimately result in potential barrier weak points. In contrast, MonoShield® incorporates a spray-applied nitrile-advanced asphalt latex, offering superior application efficiency with unmatched chemical resistance.

Brochure | Why Smart Developers are Choosing MonoShield

MonoShield is a chemically resistant and easy-to-apply barrier specifically designed as a preemptive solution for vapor intrusion at brownfield redevelopment sites. It is backed by unparalleled design support, standard industry warranty, and a network of certified applicators who can ensure quality installation. To learn why developers are increasingly turning to MonoShield for a fast and cost-effective preemptive vapor mitigation solution, download the brochure.

Proudly Announcing Ryan Miller as Director of Land Science  

We are excited to announce the appointment of Ryan Miller as the new Director of Land Science. Ryan returns to Land Science in a new role, leading the Land Science team on a national level, and his significant background and experience in the industry make him a valuable addition to the already strong Land Science team of vapor intrusion technical professionals. Ryan is known to foster a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement. With change comes growth, and the Land Science team looks forward to offering even greater support to our clients by delivering world-class products and continued innovation to provide industry- leading protection against contaminant vapor intrusion.

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