Land Science Technologies Leads Technical Discussion at International Industry Conference

BTLand Science Technologies’ Director Peter Grant led a technical discussion at last week’s Battelle-sponsored Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Monterey, California. Grant’s presentation was titled “Mitigating Vapor Intrusion in Existing Structures Through the Use of a New Coating Technology”.

During his talk, Grant discussed the recent advancements in the technology of vapor intrusion barriers to address the growing need of applying barriers to existing buildings.  He highlighted Land Science Technologies’ Retro-Coat™ as a way to provide a chemically-resistant physical barrier to block vapor intrusion.

The Retro-Coat vapor intrusion coating system is applied directly to existing concrete slabs. Unlike other vapor intrusion barrier systems, Retro-Coat is designed specifically to handle foot and vehicular traffic. Specially formulated to be chemically resistant to constituents commonly found on brownfields, PCE, TCE and Benzene, Retro-Coat can be used as a standalone barrier or in conjunction with a SSD system.

Grant also presented field data where the use of Retro-Coat was proven to be successful.

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