Project snapshot highlights:

  • Townhome Development in South Carolina
  • Quality Assurance Testing Completed
  • Installed in Less Than 2 Days Saving Time and Money

A townhome development in Greenville, South Carolina, implemented the MonoShield® vapor barrier and TerraVent™ low-profile venting system to address low-level volatiles organic compounds, keeping future tenants safe from exposure. The environmental consultant required a turnkey installation for the barrier and venting system along with quality assurance/ quality control testing of the system. The consultant also evaluated a single-layer polyolefin sheet system that relies on taped seams and is not installed by a certified applicator or smoke tested. In comparing the approaches and costs of the two options, the MonoShield system was selected based on the time-efficient, certified installation in addition to its proven chemical resistance. The installation was completed across the 6,000 square feet foundation in less than two days at a low cost. The consultant, also a certified Land Science Inspector, provided an added layer of quality assurance and value to the developer by overseeing and documenting the installation process.