Client Spotlight: Jarrett Baggett, Environmental Services Director for Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc.

For Jarrett Baggett, Environmental Services Director for Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc., a leading environmental consulting and engineering firm and valued Land Science® client, growing up on a dairy farm instilled a deep affection for our environment. An affection that ultimately would lead to his professional vocation where he could make a difference on behalf of our planet.  “I loved the outdoors growing up,” Baggett shares. “I knew I needed to choose a career that would allow me to spend time outdoors.  Although I was initially unsure of what I wanted to major in for college, I knew I wanted to do something related to the environment.”  In a career which has seen him advance up the ranks from a Jr. Geologist to Staff Professional, then Project Manager, and finally to his current position as a Director at Geo-Hydro Engineers, Baggett can reflect on his work, and look forward, knowing he is indeed making an impact. He shares, “To see a property go from a dilapidated eyesore that poses potential risks to the community, to a property that can be utilized and enjoyed by all as a result of your hard work is very rewarding.” In his current role with Geo-Hydro Engineers, Baggett is responsible for the Environmental operations at the company, which includes managing environmental projects and maintaining interaction with clients, personnel, and regulatory agencies. He continues, “I oversee a group of engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists performing environmental studies in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, and real estate sectors.  Our clients include owners (private and public), industry, developers, banks, architects, structural engineers, and contractors just to name a few.”

Baggett prepared himself for a career in environmental management by earning his B.S. degree in Geology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He shares, “I took some Geology classes and thoroughly enjoyed them. The coursework, coupled with my love for the environment, soon led to me earning my geology degree.” To stay abreast of trends in his field, he takes continuing education coursework to fulfill requirements for his P.G. license, which he holds in several states. In addition, he attends seminars and conferences to keep up with the latest technologies, standards and regulations that are relevant to the industry. When asked why he enjoys working with Land Science®, he points to the company’s reputation for developing advanced solutions that are capable of addressing today’s environmental challenges. He shares, “Land Science® reached out to us and came by to present some of their tech products and capabilities.  The team was extremely knowledgeable, especially with regard to the vapor intrusion industry.  Seeing a rising need for vapor mitigation in real estate development, I knew it was just a matter of time before we would have the need to apply some of the Land Science® products to our sites.  That need arrived, and we are now placing over 100,000 square feet of GeoSeal® with Vapor-Vent™ at a mixed-use development at a site along the Atlanta Beltline. We looked at several products, but really liked the GeoSeal® product with its combination of HDPE and asphalt/latex layers that provide an effective and durable product for vapor mitigation. Land Science® has been very helpful in making sure the design process, pricing details, and application process went smoothly.”

Residing in Roswell, GA, where he lives with his wife and two children, Baggett primarily works out of his firm’s Kennesaw, GA, office. When asked about the goals of Geo-Hydro Engineers, he quickly points to continued growth. “We have seen substantial growth throughout the company over the past five years,” he says. “We have opened two new offices over the past two years and started a new environmental branch in our Charlotte, NC office this past year. In the near future we are looking to expand our environmental services, add new employees, and continue to grow revenue.” In addition, he recognizes the challenges his work entails, and strives to avoid over-extending himself in an effort to maintain his high quality of work. He shares, “It’s easy to try and take on more and more project work.  But once you over extend yourself your dedication to each project tends to slip.  For me, there’s a constant balance of knowing your limitations, knowing when to hire more personnel, and when to reach out for help.  Although as a company we are always trying to grow and exceed expectations, our ultimate responsibility and duty is to provide quality products to our clients.” Outside of work, Baggett enjoys fishing and spending time with family and friends. He also finds time to work in his yard. He shares, “Although I don’t live on the family farm anymore, I do enjoy working in the yard.  My wife jokes that this is my substitute for not working on a farm anymore, and that I tend to our yard like it’s a farm crop.”

When it comes to how he has seen the industry evolve over the years, Baggett says he’s observed that many developers have changed their views regarding treatment plans of environmentally impacted sites. He’s especially noticed how today’s new technology is making an impact. He shares, “We work with a lot of commercial developers, and over the last five to ten years, we have seen many of these developers change their views on environmentally impacted sites.  They have educated themselves on the latest environmental technologies and programs provided by their states, and are taking advantage of these.  They’re now embracing these sites and working with environmental consultants to remediate and develop properties once thought to be undevelopable.  Another aspect is the advancement in technologies.  For instance, with the vapor intrusion issues that have come to light in the last ten or more years, vapor mitigation products like GeoSeal®, Vapor Vent™, and RetroCoat™ have improved and become more cost effective to install, allowing for more efficient renovations and development of properties.” And how would he encourage others to join in his field of study?  He concludes, “I would first encourage people to find something they enjoy.  No matter what you do, you are going to have to work hard to be successful, so if you enjoy it, it makes working hard a lot easier.  If that something might be environmental work, I would then ask them if they like solving complex problems with innovative ideas and solutions.  If so, then the environmental field may be for you.  As a said before, it is very gratifying to see a project you were a part of become something that can be enjoyed by many.”

REGENESIS and Land Science® is proud to have Jarrett Baggett, Environmental Services Director for Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc., as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his dedication and creative approach in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.