February 2024 Land Science Newsletter

Featured Case Study | MonoShield Protects Warehouse Against Potential Methane Vapor Intrusion 

A large warehouse development located near a former landfill required contaminant vapor mitigation measures against the potential for methane vapor intrusion (VI). The initial VI mitigation system design proposed a 20-mil plastic membrane with taped seams. While this design met the minimum requirements for VI protection, its implementation during winter posed significant challenges.

Project Snapshot Highlights:

  • Easy, fast installation leads to successful implementation during winter conditions
  • Effective implementation in near-freezing temperatures
  • 220,000 square feet of MonoShield installed

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Brochure | Key Reasons Developers Select MonoShield for Warehouse Projects 

MonoShield provides excellent quality assurance and quality control measures, superior system durability, and is proven to be chemically resistant against a wide range of contaminants. Download the brochure to learn why MonoShield is the right choice for your site.

crucial design tips for effective vapor mitigation implementation

Webinar | Crucial Design Tips for Effective Vapor Mitigation Implementation 

We were pleased to have special guest speaker Spencer Cox, Project Environmental Specialist at United Consulting, share his extensive contaminant vapor mitigation implementation experience in this month’s “Distinguished Speaker” webinar. His presentation provided crucial design tips for practitioners responsible for vapor mitigation planning and construction with an emphasis on the design process.

Practical Tips Included:

  • Different types of mitigation solutions and the best practices for installation and repair
  • Why certain vapors, like methane, require an extra level of attention due to their immediate danger
  • Details on more protective, cost-effective vapor barriers using metalized film and nitrile-advanced spray-applied technology
  • Thorough and effective QA/QC processes to ensure successful installation of vapor mitigation systems
former los angeles furniture warehouse transformed

Case Study Video | Former Los Angeles Furniture Warehouse Transformed by Retro-Coat Application 

A former furniture warehouse, located in an urban industrial area near downtown Los Angeles, was undergoing improvements for a new tenant.

Case Study Video Highlights:

  • Farallon Environmental, a leading environmental consultant working with the property developer, conducted air quality testing using VaporSafe and identified elevated levels of TCE
  • Retro-Coat was installed by a Land Science Certified Applicator to mitigate any potential for vapor intrusion concerns
  • The warehouse building was protected to ensure future tenants have a safe and healthy working environment
11 tools and resources for maximizing your investment in an opportunity zone

Ebook | 11 Tools and Resources for Maximizing Your Investment in an Opportunity Zone

By utilizing the right tools and resources, the cost of environmental remediation can be limited while still achieving the desired results and helping to maximize return on investment.

eBook Highlights:

  • How using a combined remedial approach can lead to positive results
  • Effective use of vapor mitigation systems expedites approvals and creates a safe indoor environment
  • Be sure your team is using advanced diagnostic tools
  • Choose a service provider that understands the technology and delivers results

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