May 2024 Land Science Newsletter

Featured Case Study | TerraShield Mitigates Vapor Intrusion on Federally-Funded Public Site

A former industrial site located in Southern California was targeted for redevelopment and chosen to be developed into a federally funded public site.

Case Study Highlights: 

  • Petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and methane gas in the soil
  • Required effective vapor mitigation solution to move the federally funded project forward
  • The consultant determined TerraShield was the safest and most cost-effective vapor barrier system to install

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Video | Former Los Angeles Furniture Warehouse Transformed by Retro-Coat Application 

A former furniture warehouse located in an urban industrial area near downtown Los Angeles was in the process of improvements to make way for a new tenant. The property developer worked with their client to conduct indoor air quality testing to ensure the updated warehouse would offer future tenants a safe and healthy work environment.

Video Highlights: 

  • VaporSafe testing solution was used to identify elevated levels of PCE contamination.
  • Retro-Coat vapor mitigation solution was recommended to protect against any potential vapor intrusion preemptively.

eBook | 7 Reasons to Hire a Land Science Certified Applicator 

eBook Highlights: 

  • The rigorous training & certification program that Land Science offers for vapor mitigation system applicators
  • Tools and resources needed for successful installation of Land Science vapor barriers
  • How Land Science certified applicators can install systems quickly, saving time and money on construction

Schedule an Appointment | Meet Us at the Battelle Chlorinated Conference

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Miller, Director of Land Science, will be available at the upcoming Battelle Chlorinated Conference to meet with you to learn more about our industry-leading solutions for vapor intrusion.

Ryan Miller, Director of Land Science 

Poster Presentation: Why Overlooking QA/QC is a Risky Mistake for Vapor Barrier Installations

Poster Presentation: The Use of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Effective VI Mitigation and Site Management

Upcoming Events

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6/2 – 6/6/2024 | Denver, CO

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6/11 – 6/12/2024 | Roscommon, MI

Upcoming Event | SAME Camp Pendleton Day

6/27/2024 | San Clemente, CA

Upcoming Event | MWCC Environmental Conference

7/21/2024 | Osage Beach, MO

Upcoming Event | Georgia Environmental Conference

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