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Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Offers Effective Results for Brownfield Sites, View Why Here

Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier

This video provides an overview of the Geo-Seal® Vapor Intrusion Barrier technology from Land Science®.

USC Village Incorporates Geo-Seal Vapor Barrier as Part of $700 Million Expansion

Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier from Land Science was applied at USC Village in order to preemptively mitigate any possible vapor exposure and ensure a safe environment for student learning at the residential colleges.

Combined Remedy Includes Innovative Geo-Seal Barrier To Retrofit Site in Downtown Atlanta

Generally applied as a vapor intrusion solution for new building construction, Geo-Seal was innovatively used to as a retrofit in downtown Atlanta.

Retro-Coat Applied to Former Jazz Club Ensures Protection from Vapor Intrusion

Working with Land Science, the environmental consulting firm, Maul Foster & Alongi used Retro-Coat™ to successfully mitigate vapor intrusion at a former jazz club in Washington, and the owner is now pleased that the sale of his property can commence.

Introduction to Land Science Video

Land Science specializes in developing and providing industry leading products for vapor intrusion mitigation.

Land Science – Retro-Coat Vapor Intrusion Coating Application Video

Vapor intrusion can cause significant uncertainty for building owners. Retro-Coat provides a simple and proven solution to a complex problem. Applying Retro-Coat can provide a building owner with long-term assurance that the vapor intrusion risk has been successfully mitigated, while at the same time, reducing the overall mitigation cost.

Jordan Kleine, Southeast Technical Manager at Land Science

Jordan Kleine shares why it’s important to be there with clients at every stage of their project.

Thomas Szocinski, CEP, Director of Vapor Intrusion at Land Science

Thomas Szocinski, CEP, Director of Vapor Intrusion for Land Science loves working on a team that feels like a family, providing such consistent support and creating a network that makes you feel almost invincible.

Animation: Retro-Coat Vapor Intrusion Coating Install Steps

This video shows the install steps for the Retro-Coat Vapor Intrusion Coating System, including crack repairs, application of the primer, and the final coating of Retro-Coat.

Ryan Miller, Northeast District Manager, Land Science

Ryan Miller, Northeast District Manager at Land Science, shares how his former role as an environmental consultant helps put him in his clients’ shoes, helping solve problems facing challenges when developing brownfield sites. Land Science helps clients achieve lower total cost-to-closure by listening and understanding the situation and providing effective solutions to vapor intrusion challenges at a site.

Nick Mjolsness, Central Regional Manager, Land Science

Nick Mjolsness, Central Regional Manager at Land Science, has seen an increase in the technical ability that Land Science can offer.

Kim Bradley, Inside Sales Manager, Land Science

Kim believes it’s the people that sets Land Science apart and the staff of smart professionals on the cutting edge who are dedicated to their clients that make up the Land Science team.

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