Upcoming Vapor Intrusion Webinar with Dr. Blayne Hartman

Land Science webinar

Vapor Intrusion regulatory guidelines are rapidly changing. In order to offer our clients with the latest industry knowledge, we are pleased to present a webinar with vapor intrusion expert Dr. Blayne Hartman. During this webinar presentation, Dr. Hartman will discuss the latest in national regulatory changes along with practical assessment strategies for navigating the vapor intrusion pathway.

His discussion will include:

  • The latest updates to national regulations on the vapor intrusion pathway
  • Most recent pathway assessment issues
  • Tips for choosing the proper investigatory approach

Thomas Szocinski, CEP, Director of Vapor Intrusion for Land Science, will also review vapor intrusion mitigation solutions offered, including Geo-Seal® Vapor Intrusion Barrier, Retro-Coat™ Vapor Intrusion Coating and Vapor Vent™ systems.

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MassDEP Finalizes “Vapor Intrusion Guidance: Site Assessment, Mitigation, and Closure”


The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) finalized their Vapor Intrusion Guidance: Site Assessment, Mitigation, and Closure document on October 14, 2016.  As stated from the guidance, “This document provides guidance on investigating, assessing, understanding, and mitigating vapor intrusion at disposal sites regulated under Massachusetts General Law, chapter 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.”

The vapor intrusion guidance was in draft form since October 2014 and went through a lengthy public review process prior to it being finalized.  For the most part, there were no substantial changes from the public comment draft version of 2014 to the final guidance; however, there were numerous changes in terminology and clarifications on various items throughout each section.

Wondering how this might affect your site or your remediation plans? Land Science® can assist with providing some of the insight into the new guidance document. Contact Land Science, we have a team dedicated to vapor intrusion and mitigation solutions.

Have other vapor intrusion or mitigation questions? Land Science’s team is always available to assist. In addition, you can visit the Land Science’s Resource Page for industry resource links to each state agency, vapor intrusion guidance, as well as national and federal guidance documents.

PADEP Updates VI Guidance for First Time Since 2004

pittsburgh pa

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) issued the “Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual for Vapor Intrusion into Buildings from Groundwater and Soil under Act 2” this summer and the document will become final in November 2016.  This 103-page Technical Guidance Manual outlines significant changes and replaces the original Technical Guidance Manual dated January 24, 2004.

As this is the first substantial change to the guidance in over twelve years, it is important to understand changes and how they might affect your site or remediation plan. Some of the key changes to the guidance include VOC mitigation requirements, soil and groundwater screening levels and methods, and vapor intrusion modeling guidance.

A full version of PADEP’s guidance document can be found at the Land Science’s Resource Page, as well as other national and federal guidance documents and other state guidances.  Have additional questions? Contact Land Science, we have a team dedicated to vapor intrusion and mitigation solutions.