MonoShield warehouse application

1.2 Million Square Foot MonoShield Barrier Protects Future Tenants at Historic Manufacturing Site

Case study highlights:

  • 1.2 million square feet of MonoShield installed in new logistics center
  • MonoShield provides advanced chemical protection with a rapid installation process
  • Land Science Certified Applicator, MTN, Inc. leverages experience to ensure the investment is protected

On the site of one of the largest former steel mills in the world, a large logistics center redevelopment project is underway. Strategically positioned along the I-95 Corridor, the ongoing development promises to transform the historic site eventually into 15 million square feet of warehousing space. With plans for 20 buildings, the developer is investing $1.6 billion in both the construction and remediation of the once blighted site. The former steel mill site had been impacted by chlorinated solvents and petroleum contaminants in different areas of the property. Therefore, a component of the remediation and redevelopment efforts involves addressing the potential for vapor intrusion (VI). A design engineer was brought onto the team to develop a VI mitigation plan to ensure a safe and healthy environment for future building workers.