About Land Science

Land Science is a division of REGENESIS, Inc., the global leader in advanced technologies for contaminated site remediation. Since 1994, REGENESIS has developed and commercialized a range of proven soil and groundwater remediation products to treat a wide-variety of contaminants.

Real estate developers and property owners everywhere are looking for ways to develop a significant number of brownfield sites as part of their long-term real estate strategy in residential, retail, and commercial property. While the redevelopment of these large parcels may seem to represent attractive investment opportunities, at the same time they also pose a very real challenge due to their contaminated past and the complex, time consuming remediation needed to meet regulatory compliance standards.


Environmental issues at brownfield sites vary across locations, state, and provincial agency. Regulators are often involved in the cleanup and redevelopment process and new layers of complication mean success often hinges on covering every aspect of a brownfield site’s cleanup.


Fortunately, with Land Science and REGENESIS’ turn-key remedial solutions there are a variety of steps property owners and developers can take to ensure they avoid a myriad of possible monetary and litigious pitfalls. As a global leader in science-based environmental remediation products and vapor barrier solutions, REGENESIS® provides a comprehensive technologies that effectively mitigate the evolving issues and risks associated with these sites.

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