Patrick Lowery, Sr. Environmental Manager with SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Inc


For Patrick Lowery, Sr. Environmental Manager with SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Inc., a multi-disciSummit Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Incplinary environmental consulting firm and valued Land Science® client, a career in environmental remediation was sparked by an interest in geology, a field his grandfather worked in. Lowery initially planned to follow his grandfather’s path and become a geologist, but then realized his true passion involved assisting in the cleanup of our planet. He shares, “My grandfather was a geologist for Shell Oil in the Permian Basin, near Midland Texas.  Throughout college my focus was to work in the petroleum industry.  I took a year off from school after earning my Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Alabama and was going to attend Colorado State University for my Masters in Geophysics, however, while working with a consulting geologist that year I found I enjoyed the environmental field.”


Patrick Lowery, Sr. Environmental Manager with SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Inc

Featured Video: Nitra-Seal Applied as Preemptive Vapor Mitigation Solution for Town Hall and Library Complex

Nitra-Seal Applied as Preemptive Vapor Mitigation Solution


A growing community near Charlotte, North Carolina was seeking a site to construct a new town hall and public library complex. The city planners had identified a land parcel that would meet the spatial requirements for the new complex, but the site was a former gasoline service station which operated on a portion of the land for nearly two decades. As part of the City’s due diligence, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was completed and revealed the underground storage tank (UST) system was decommissioned in 1991 with the tanks abandoned in place. However, no records existed which documented environmental conditions at the time of UST removal. Consequently, the USTs were listed as a recognized environmental concern (REC) in the Phase I ESA. In early 2020, a geotechnical investigation identified soil with odors and elevated photoionization detector (PID) readings, a further indication of petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contamination in the subsurface.

Introducing a New Advanced Nitrile Composite Vapor Barrier System

Nitra-Seal is an update/improvement on current vapor barrier systems. Originally, passive vapor barrier systems were waterproofing systems adapted for use as contaminant vapor barriers. An acknowledged weakness in these systems is in the penetration and perimeter termination locations, where spray-applied core material composed of Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)- modified asphalt is used. While excellent at repelling water, aggressive chemicals such as petroleum solvents and chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), will permeate into the SBR-modified asphalt at a relatively high rate particularly in sensitive areas of the building construction such as barrier seams, slab penetrations and perimeters. Nitra-Seal offers a substantial upgrade as it employs a more chemically resistant nitrile latex instead of the more susceptible SBR material. Nitrile is recognized throughout the environmental engineering industry as being more chemically resistant than rubber or SBR and is often used in personal protective equipment when working on hazardous waste sites (e.g. nitrile gloves).

Nitra-Seal is a composite system creating the ideal blend between constructability and chemical resistance by using both high density polyethylene (HDPE) and nitrile-advanced, spray-applied asphalt core.


Introducing a New Advanced Nitrile Composite Vapor Barrier System

Featured Project Snapshot: Townhome Residents Protected from Exposure to Vapors


Townhome Residents Protected from Exposure to Vapors


A townhome development in Greenville, South Carolina, implemented the MonoShield vapor barrier and TerraVent low-profile venting system to address low-level volatiles organic compounds, keeping future tenants safe from exposure. The environmental consultant required a turnkey installation for the barrier and venting system along with quality assurance/ quality control testing of the system. The consultant also evaluated a single-layer polyolefin sheet system that relies on taped seams and is not installed by a certified applicator or smoke tested. In comparing the approaches and costs of the two options, the MonoShield system was selected based on the time-efficient, certified installation in addition to its proven chemical resistance. The installation was completed across the 6,000 square feet foundation in less than two days at a low cost. The consultant, also a certified Land Science Inspector, provided an added layer of quality assurance and value to the developer by overseeing and documenting the installation process.


Townhome Residents Protected from Exposure to Vapors



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At Land science, we know many environmental firms are investing time to focus on staff training to get up-to-date on new technologies and regulations. We have prepared a library of pre-recorded webinars available on our website at no charge. Topics include vapor intrusion regulations and mitigation. We will also provide certificates of attendance for any webinar viewed upon request by emailing


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