Matt Ambrusch LanganWhen it comes to playing a part in cleaning up the environment, Matt Ambrusch, Environmental Project Manager for Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., a valued Land Science® client, realizes he has a responsibility to help ensure healthy and safe communities. Focused on designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing remediation systems, Ambrusch feels he is doing his part to help provide sustainable remedies to address today’s contaminated environments. He shares, “No site is ever the same and every day brings a new and interesting challenge.”  During his seven years at Langan, he has progressed from Staff Environmental Engineer, to Senior Staff Environmental Engineer, and now his current position, as Project Manager. Throughout his career, Ambrusch has made significant contributions to the success of his clients and their projects, particularly in the field of pneumatic technologies. He continues, “My personal focus has been on pneumatic solutions that include air sparging, soil vapor extraction, multi-phase extraction, vapor mitigation, and even methane mitigation and collection. I also help lead the charge to develop and grow our two-dimensional and three-dimensional pneumatic modeling practice. These models allow us the ability to better predict system performance under both existing and future site conditions, and ultimately design a more effective and efficient pneumatic-based remedial system.”

Like many of his peers who work and thrive in the environmental remediation industry, Ambrusch’s interest in the environment began early in life. He continues, “What started out as a desire to always be outside as a kid, grew into a passion for environmental science after taking an environmental studies course during my senior year of high school. I also had an aptitude for math, and recognized that with the applicable college major, a career in environmental engineering just made sense.”  His university studies culminated with a BS in Bioenvironmental Engineering from Rutgers University and later an MBA in Strategy and Leadership from Rutgers Business School. He is also a licensed professional engineer in the State of New Jersey. When he joined Langan early in his career, it did not take long for Ambrusch to develop an appreciation for the firm’s high level of expertise and client service, and the goals that Langan has set for itself. He shares, “Langan has always been focused on technical excellence, practical experience, and client responsiveness. Whatever we do as a company, these values continue to be paramount to our success.  As national and state regulations become more stringent, and new contaminants of concern come into focus, we look to position ourselves effectively so that we can continue to provide our clients innovative, proven, and cost-efficient solutions.  This includes continuing to expand our landfill redevelopment practice. As a team, we are also working on expanding our in-house treatability study and pilot test capabilities.”

When it comes to working with Land Science®, Ambrusch appreciates the industry-leading solutions and rapid response he receives on a consistent basis. “Simply put,” he says, “Land Science® provides cutting- edge technologies and is extremely responsive.” Ambrusch continues, “I work on a lot of redevelopment projects requiring vapor mitigation – these projects are fast paced and require effective cost-competitive solutions.  Land Science® understand the needs required with these types of projects and continues to innovate in an effort to make vapor mitigation products more effective and cost efficient.”  He also appreciates the level of service and customization offered by Land Science®. He adds, “I am heavily involved in the design and implementation of vapor mitigation systems for redevelopment projects.  As such, we often look to Land Science® for innovative vapor barrier materials or application methods that fit the site-specific needs of the project.”

Asked what he thinks the future holds for environmental remediation, Ambrusch feels a focus on sustainable remedies is where the industry is heading. He shares, “Other than emerging contaminants, which everyone is talking about, I see a push for more sustainable remedies.” Ambrusch goes on to say, “The intent of effective remediation is to improve human health and the environment, and we need to be aware of the potential negative impacts the remedial activities we are implementing on one site may have on another. We also need to consider the economical and societal pros and cons of a proposed remedial strategy, both on and offsite.”

Residing in Rockaway, New Jersey with his wife Riley, over the years Ambrusch has worked out of Langan’s Lawrenceville and Elmwood Park (now Parsippany NJ) offices. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, and is an avid golfer and snowboarder. He also finds time to provide his expertise to assist the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) and serves as the current President. When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he points to the difference he can make for both our planet and those of us who inhabit it. He shares, “I get a great deal of satisfaction designing and implementing a remedial or mitigation system and see it positively impact the environment.”

Land Science® is proud to have Matt Ambrusch, Environmental Project Manager for Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his expertise and ongoing efforts in providing successful remediation outcomes for Land Science® and its clients.

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