This project snapshot features the following:

  • New Multi-Acre Cold Storage Warehouse in PA
  • Adaptive Design Approach
  • 220,000 Square Feet Installed

The project site is a new, multi-acre cold storage warehouse in Pennsylvania. A mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents present in soil gas resulted in a vapor intrusion risk to future warehouse tenants. Due to site-specific conditions, the client and environmental consultant worked with Land Science to develop an adaptive design that specified both MonoShield® and Nitra-Seal® passive vapor barrier systems. Nitra-Seal was applied over most of the building footprint where the primary office and work areas were expected to be located, while MonoShield was applied over a smaller section encompassing the freezer area, a less active space with fewer penetrations and terminations, making it optimal for a MonoShield solution. The hybrid approach proved to be both cost-competitive and easier to facilitate for the client and Land Science certified applicator. Following the efficient installation of both vapor barrier systems, which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was completed successfully.

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