Project snapshot highlights:

  • Swiftly neutralized vapor threats in a Tampa logistics center
  • Met safety and environmental regulatory requirements

A new, expansive logistics center/warehouse building in Tampa, Florida, was the site of a former brownfield where past operations left petroleum hydrocarbons and methane contaminants remaining in soil and groundwater. A cost-effective solution was needed to mitigate the potential vapor intrusion risk from these contaminants. The project team reviewed multiple vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) options, ultimately selecting the MonoShield® Reinforced Metalized Contaminant Vapor Barrier System. MonoShield was viewed as the best available, most cost-efficient technology for the large warehouse considering the site conditions in this fast-moving construction environment. With a foundation approaching a quarter million square feet, and a tight project schedule, MonoShield’s constructability and installation speed separated it from other VI systems considered. Land Science’s technical expertise and support in assisting with the VIMS design were also significant factors in the selection process.