With more than 35 years of experience in the vapor intrusion industry, Tom Hatton, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Vapor, LLC, an innovative mitigation technologies company and valued Land Science® client, has enjoyed great success, knowing the impact that vapor intrusion mitigation can have on the environment. He shares, “This work is my passion. Having the benefit of watching this industry grow — from its inception to its current state of critical importance — has been rewarding. For me, vapor intrusion is more than just environmental science and buildings-  it’s a calling to protect human health by providing cleaner indoor air environments.” Hatton co-founded Clean Vapor and has led the N.J.-based firm for the past 15 years.  Prior to forming the company, he spent 20 years developing and implementing vapor intrusion mitigation solutions for residential and commercial clients. His extensive experience includes work on over 11,000 sites in the US and abroad, and clearly positions him as an expert in his field. He continues, “One of the things I love most about the vapor intrusion (VI) industry is solving the problem at hand. Every building is different, and designing an effective VI system is as much an art as it is a science. Understanding all of the variables contributing to a VI problem, interpreting the data, and designing the most effective system possible for a specific site makes the work enjoyable.”

Hatton chose the VI field due to what he calls a “natural love” of the sciences, construction engineering, and problem solving, and feels vapor intrusion is the intersection of all three. “What makes it especially rewarding for me,” he says, “Is the outcome- which is the protection of human health. When I complete the design and installation of a vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS), along with the integration of the long-term monitoring program, I know the air in that building is healthier and better for the people who occupy that building each and every day.” Hatton’s interest in the environment and sciences began in his youth, and would lead to earning his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Natural Science (a major which combines physics and chemistry) from Bryan College, a private university located in Dayton, TN. He recalls how vapor intrusion was just beginning to emerge early on in his career, and how VI research projects provided an opportunity to creatively blend all three of his passions- chemistry, soil mechanics, and building construction, into one effort. He also discovered how much he enjoys the variety VI projects offered. He continues, “Every building is a unique challenge. Unraveling the mystery of a building leads to continuous learning opportunities, creative solutions for both existing buildings, new construction, and improving the electronic management of those systems. It really is all about enhanced sustainability and keeping future generations safe.”

Hatton enjoys working with Land Science, in part because of the company’s principles. “Land Science appreciates the value and importance of a job well-done.  In an industry that affects human health, Land Science prioritizes quality and efficacy over cost and expediency.” He relates how a recent new construction project in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina required the use of an advanced engineered barrier. He continues, “As system designers, Clean Vapor knew that for this project, Land Science offered an ideal solution. By using Nitra-Seal the client was getting a superior value that will last the life of the building and provide decades of protection against vapor intrusion.” He notes that Nitra-Seal® and MonoShield® are used for a variety of applications because they offer the best combination of protective properties, ease of application, long-term durability, and cost. To stay current on new technologies and emerging industry trends, Hatton ensures Clean Vapor is continually engaged in on-going professional development by evaluating new technologies, materials, and products. He shares, “Our team does this on our own and in collaboration with others, in an effort to help us better understand construction practices and on-going process improvements.”

Hatton and his family reside in New Jersey, where he and his wife, have two grown children. His daughter also works in Clean Vapor’s marketing department as a project coordinator. In his free time, Hatton enjoys “anything with wings or motors”. He shares, “I am a pilot and enjoy flying recreationally. I also enjoy restoring antique cars, and convertibles…as long as they’re Fords.  I also enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, and hiking.” When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he responds quickly, “Knowing that Clean Vapor has designed and installed over 11,000 mitigation systems and that our goal of producing results exceeds industry standards which has resulted in the improvement of human health and the saving of lives.” And the most challenging aspect? “I will say it is educating responsible parties about the value of investing in mitigation solutions and persuading them to take action to both protect the building occupants and reduce their long-term liability.”

When asked how he would encourage others to join his field, he points to his industry’s diversity and the multitude of opportunities. He concludes, “Vapor intrusion is a multi-faceted industry that is at the intersection of geology, lab science, consulting, construction, data analytics, electronics and the mechanical trades. There are many growth opportunities in each of these disciplines. The US EPA has characterized the current state of the industry as being in the ‘2nd inning of a nine-inning ball game’, and I would agree with that assessment. A young person could enter this industry right out of school and have an opportunity to shape not only their own career, but that of an industry still in its infancy. The global market is almost unending, which presents nearly endless opportunities for growth and fulfillment.”

Land Science is proud to have Tom Hatton, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Vapor, LLC, as a valued client and partner, and appreciates his vast experience and exceptional leadership in providing successful vapor intrusion mitigation outcomes for Land Science and its clients.

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