Project snapshot highlights:

  • MonoShield Enables Safe Development of Apartments
  • Cost-Efficient Installation
  • 100,000 Square Feet Installed

Sawyer Yards is an apartment community located in Houston’s vibrant Arts District neighborhood. Chlorinated solvents were detected in soil gas, posing a potential vapor intrusion risk to future residents. The original vapor mitigation system (VMS) specification called for a single layer barrier with taped seams. However, the building’s foundation contained many utility penetrations and terminations, requiring numerous taped seams. These taped seams significantly reduce application efficiency and ultimately result in potential barrier weak points. In contrast, MonoShield® incorporates a spray-applied nitrile-advanced asphalt latex, offering superior application efficiency with unmatched chemical resistance. Thus, the Land Science certified applicators completed the 100,000-square feet MonoShield installation faster, with quality control testing completed, and at a significantly lower overall cost than the VMS system that was initially specified.