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Client Spotlight: Matt Hall, Senior Engineer and Senior Project Manager at Terracon Consultants, Inc.

For Matt Hall, Senior Engineer and Senior Project Manager at Terracon Consultants, Inc., a leading environmental consulting and engineering firm and valued REGENESIS client, choosing a career in environmental remediation started with an interest in cleaning up our environment., Once

When to Use Continuous Monitoring to Resolve Vapor Intrusion Challenges

Several common questions arise when investigating a site for potential vapor intrusion related challenges. Often it is difficult to discern whether vapor intrusion is occurring and if so, where it is entering the building. Additionally, it is important to be

Vapor Intrusion Characterization and Management Solutions: The Case for Continuous Monitoring

Vapor intrusion is challenging to characterize for a multitude of reasons. For example, many cases involve indoor background sources, preferential subsurface migration pathways, shallow subsurface and indoor concentration dynamics, or limitations associated with manual monitoring. Typically, canisters and passive diffusion

Employee Spotlight: Kim Bradley, Inside Sales Manager

As one who has followed REGENESIS’ growth for many years, joining the company’s Land Science® division as its new Inside Sales Manager was especially gratifying for Kim Bradley. “I have enjoyed watching REGENESIS grow over the last 20 years,” says

Quick Service Industry Remediation

As an entrepreneur, franchisor, or small business owner, understanding the potential impacts of the environment may have an influence the success of your business. Poor air quality, waste, and pollution are all possible contributors that may affect  your business, but

What is Vapor Mitigation?

Vapor mitigation is a segment of the environmental industry that is maturing rapidly. There are many new technologies emerging to prevent vapor intrusion which safely and effectively address a variety of structures. Vapor mitigation methods are classified as either passive

Brownfield Developments

Brownfields are a big concern in the U.S. due to the environmental, economic, and political issues they represent. A Brownfield site is a property whose sale or reuse is prevented due to the presence of contaminants or pollutants. While these

What is Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor intrusion (VI) is a relatively new concept in the environmental industry first recognized in the 1980’s. It was discovered that contaminants in the soil and groundwater could be the cause behind poor indoor air quality through the movement of

Client Spotlight: Yen-Vy Van, Senior Hydrogeologist at Maul Foster & Alongi

When you ask Yen-Vy Van, Senior Hydrogeologist at Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. (MFA), about her day-to-day responsibilities, it’s hard to believe that one person could do so much. That’s because her role at Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc., a

Client Spotlight: Bruce Savage, Vice President, Director of Environmental Services at Geotechnical Consultants

For Bruce Savage, Vice President, Director of Environmental Services at Geotechnical Consultants, Inc. (GCI), a leading full-service, geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting firm, motivation comes easy in fulfilling his day-to-day responsibilities.  At GCI, a valued Land Science® client, Bruce enjoys