Vapor mitigation allows for animal shelter development

TerraShield Installation Leads to Development of Animal Welfare Facility

A local animal welfare organization needed a new building and outdoor space to provide a state-of-the-art center for animal care in an urban community. United Consulting, a multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consulting firm based in Georgia, was engaged to develop a plan for remediating the soil impacts and assessing vapor intrusion risk at a prospective site. Methane was identified in the vapor phase, requiring mitigation to reduce the vapor intrusion risk. United Consulting specified TerraShield due to its high level of protection against contaminant vapor intrusion. With the building protected from vapor intrusion by TerraShield, the facility workers, prospective pet foster parents, and the animals are ensured a safe breathing environment.

animal shelter facility

This case study features the following:

  • Terra-Shield chosen due to its high chemical resistance
  • Successful contaminant vapor intrusion mitigation allows for new state-of-the-art animal center to open to the public
  • Installation was seamless due to the use of NitraCore, TerraShield’s spray-applied nitrile-modified asphalt

Logistics Center Selects MonoShield to Protect Occupants Long-Term

Scheduling delays and continuous repairs to a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier at a major new logistics complex in New Jersey prompted the project team to change course, engaging Edgeboro, one of the region’s most experienced vapor barrier installation specialists. Edgeboro introduced the development team to Land Science and Monoshield. The MonoShield contaminant vapor barrier system offered the promise of performance and was proven to stand up to heavy construction activities. In addition, the installation speed and the key benefits provided by MonoShield led the developer to select Edgeboro and MonoShield for the rest of the buildings planned.

MonoShiled vapor intrusion barrier

This case study features the following:

  • Developer saves time and money, selecting an easier to install vapor mitigation solution offering more protection long-term
  • MonoShield provides unmatched durability, ease of installation, and superior chemical resistance compared to thin-mil plastic barriers
  • Selecting Edgeboro to install MonoShield is a bottom-line cost-savings and investment-protection decision
Nitra-Seal project snapshot

Nitra-Seal Ensures Healthy Work Environment at New Electric Vehicle Plant

This project snapshot features the following:

  • Major automaker trusts Land Science to proactively address potential vapor intrusion risk
  • Nitra-Seal selected because it offered the best economic value for the level of vapor intrusion protection provided
  • The new technologically advanced facility creates hundreds of new jobs for Southeast Michigan residents

A leading automobile manufacturer built a new 520,000-square-foot electric vehicle facility on the site of one of its former plants in Detroit, Michigan. The former site had a long history of automotive manufacturing. Considering the site’s history, and the potential for lingering solvent, fuel, or other subsurface chemical impacts, the auto company was proactive in applying a proven and effective contaminant vapor intrusion solution to ensure a healthy working environment for its employees. Ultimately, Nitra Seal® Nitrile-Advanced Contaminant Vapor Barrier with TerraVent™ Low Profile Venting System, was selected by the construction project team, offering the best economic value for the level of VI protection provided. MTN, Inc., a Land Science Certified Applicator, completed the installation with high efficiency, working directly with the concrete subcontractor to meet the scheduled production rate of the Nitra-Seal system installation. Quality assurance and control testing were completed per manufacturer’s specifications, verifying the integrity and proper installation of the contaminant vapor barrier system.

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Nitra-Seal Protects Multi-Acre Tampa Logistics Center

This project snapshot features the following:

  • 245,000 square foot installation eliminates vapor intrusion threat to future tenants
  • Land Science’s technical expertise and support in assisting with the VIMS design were critical factors in the selection process
  • High level of vapor intrusion protection ensured for future logistics center workers and office staff

A new, expansive logistics center in Tampa, Florida, was the site of a former brownfield, where past operations left petroleum hydrocarbons and methane contaminants in soil and groundwater. The project required a cost effective solution to mitigate the potential vapor intrusion risk from these contaminants. After reviewing multiple vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) options, the project team ultimately selected the Nitra-Seal® NitrileAdvanced Contaminant Vapor Barrier and TerraVent™ Low Profile Venting System. Nitra-Seal was viewed as the best available, most cost-efficient technology for the large logistics center considering the site conditions and level of contaminant risk. With a foundation approaching a quarter million square feet, and a tight project schedule, Nitra-Seal’s nitrile-modified sprayapplied core results in faster installations, while also providing superior chemical protection, separating it from other VI systems considered. Land Science’s technical expertise and support in assisting with the VIMS design were also critical factors in the selection process.

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Project Snapshot

Nitra-Seal Installed at Large Chicago E-Commerce Distribution Center

This project snapshot features the following:

  • Seamless coordination kept the 4.4-acre installation ahead of schedule for the fast-moving project
  • 190,000 Square Feet of Nitra-Seal Installed
  • New e-commerce distribution center met the IEPA’s TACO guidelines for mitigating the VI exposure pathway and the tenant’s requirements for a healthy built environment

With little to no green sites to develop in the Chicagoland area, many new building projects occur in former industrial areas that have been environmentally impacted. Such was the case for a new 190,000 squarefoot e-commerce distribution center constructed with a Nitra-Seal® Nitrile-Advanced Contaminant Vapor Barrier and TerraVent™ Low Profile Venting System to address the potential for vapor intrusion (VI). The advanced vapor barrier system met the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA’s) Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (i.e., TACO) for remediating the VI exposure pathway. 

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VOC Risk Mitigated at Site of Former Chemical Manufacturer

This project snapshot features the following:

  • TerraShield chosen as most protective, economical vapor intrusion mitigation solution for large logistics facility
  • Future occupants protected against volatile organic compounds
  • TerraShield successfully installed on time and within budget

A long-vacant San Francisco Bay Area brownfield was once the site of a former chemical plant that produced chlorofluorocarbons, fuel additive anti-knock compounds, and titanium dioxide from 1956 to 1997. With onsite rail service and more than three million households within 50 miles, the property was considered a prime location for a new 2.2 million square foot logistics development. However, the site’s prior industrial history left residual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the subsurface and posed a potential vapor intrusion risk. Following a cost-benefit analysis and thorough evaluation of contaminant vapor barrier systems available, TerraShield® Metalized Nitrile Contaminant Vapor Barrier was selected for the new logistics building.

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Cross-Team Collaboration Moves New Public Library and Town Hall Complex Forward

A growing community near Charlotte, North Carolina was seeking a site to construct a new town hall and public library complex. SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, P.C. (SUMMIT) conducted an environmental assessment at the property in April 2020, confirming that petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contamination was present. SUMMIT recommended installing a vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) to the property development team, knowing it would be the most effective approach to address PHC contaminant vapors. In considering their options, Nitra-Seal, a state-of-the-art VIMS offering proven chemical resistance and vapor intrusion protection, was selected by the development team.

Nitra-Seal install

This case study features the following:

  • Former gasoline station transformed into library and town hall complex
  • Collaboration between environmental teams eliminates potential exposure
  • Threat of vapor intrusion effectively mitigated with Nitra-Seal to enable use of former gas station site
case study

A Vacant Brownfield Is Transformed On The Atlanta Beltline

The Edge™ on The BeltLine is a visionary, mixed-use brownfield redevelopment sitting on approximately 4.5-acres of land along a new section of the Atlanta Beltline, located between Edgewood Avenue and DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. The development comprises 350 multifamily units, including workforce and affordable units, 20,000 square feet of retail space, and 10,000 square feet of office space. Tucked between two unique neighborhoods in Atlanta – Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park – the development has transformed blighted, environmentally-distressed parcels into a living, breathing neighborhood within one of Atlanta’s most vibrant arts and cultural districts. The Edge development encompasses a former industrial zone that sat vacant for decades and once included a railroad line, dry-cleaning plant, metals recycling facility, and a former roadway. Spills of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) historically used impacted soil and groundwater, leaving behind VOC vapors in the soil.

case study

This case study features the following:

  • Following years of investigation and assessment, an environmental covenant (EC) was placed on the property to restrict future residential development.
  • United Consulting, an Atlanta-based, engineering consulting firm, was engaged by the property owner to address the environmental concerns and provide a vapor intrusion mitigation (VIM) solution which would allow the development to move forward.
  • In recognition of their effort, the American Council of Engineering Companies presented United Consulting the Engineering Excellence Award – Environmental Category for 2019.