Featured Case Study: Cross-Team Collaboration Moves New Public Library and Town Hall Complex Forward

A growing community near Charlotte, North Carolina was seeking a site to construct a new town hall and public library complex. In coordination with Clean Vapor, LLCSUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, P.C. (SUMMIT) conducted an environmental assessment at the property in April 2020, confirming that petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contamination was present. SUMMIT recommended installing a vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) to the property development team, knowing it would be the most effective approach to address PHC contaminant vapors. In considering their options, Nitra-Seal, a state-of-the-art VIMS offering proven chemical resistance and vapor intrusion protection, was selected by the development team.

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Featured Video: The Science Behind Land Science

Land Science offers the most advanced technologies designed to mitigate vapor intrusion. The use of nitrile-advanced latex and metalized films are providing the most protection available to the industry. TerraShield, MonoShield, and Nitra-Seal deliver best-in-class results, including a higher level of chemical resistance and superior constructability. Environmental professionals are also now turning to MonoShield, a new preemptive vapor barrier at large warehouses and brownfield redevelopment sites.

Featured Webinar: Proven Strategies for Protection Against Vapor Intrusion in Existing Buildings

In this webinar, we were pleased to have as a special guest speaker Tracy Fajette, Business Development Manager at American Industrial Coatings. His presentation discussed the application of Retro-Coat Vapor Intrusion Coating technology from Land Science. He is joined by Nick Mjolsness, West Region Manager at Land Science, who discussed how the Retro-Coat technology mitigates contaminant vapor intrusion risk for existing buildings.

Project Snapshot: New Jersey Warehouse Protected from Former Industrial Contaminants

The building occupies a former industrial property in northern New Jersey, which has been developed into a large, nearly four-acre warehouse. Various contaminants, including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, were historically used on-site, resulting in the presence of soil gas vapors and the potential for vapor intrusion. To mitigate this risk, the MonoShield® vapor barrier and a passive venting system were installed. Learn more by downloading the project snapshot.

Learn More: The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP)

The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals or AVIP is a collaborative community of professionals specializing in disciplines related to vapor intrusion. This includes conceptual site modelers, soil gas scientists, chemists, engineers, geologists, groundwater specialists, remediation specialists, architects, building scientists, electricians, and other associated craftsmen in the development and environmental industries. AVIP exists to create nationally recognized educational and credentialing standards for industry professionals as well as a resource to regulators, consultants and the general public. The Association is also committed to promoting industry-acceptable, and actionable thresholds for vapor intrusion. Land Science is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of AVIP.

Join us at the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals’ 1st Annual Vapor Intrusion Conference!

The goal of this AVIP VI conference is to provide an opportunity for regulators, technical professionals, and attorneys to meet, collaborate, and discuss the pressing vapor intrusion issues of the day; attend hands-on demonstrations of the latest technologies, and participate in the establishment of best practices for the future. We hope that you will join us in Nashville for this unique Vapor Intrusion conference and networking event organized by the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals.

Jordan Knight, National Sales Manager, Steering Committee Member and Speaker at Georgia Environmental Conference 2022 

Attending the Georgia Environmental Conference in Jekyll Island, GA? Make sure to attend Session 4.6 for Jordan Knight’s presentation titled “Update On the Implementation of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems Technologies.” Jordan will be presenting a variety of metro-Atlanta and Georgia-centric case studies depicting the evaluation, selection, and implementation of vapor intrusion mitigation technologies, with a discussion on how the GA Brownfield Program was leveraged to facilitate redevelopment and a healthy built environment for future occupants. We hope to see you at the Georgia Environmental Conference August 23rd-26th to learn more about these new technologies.

Upcoming Events

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Georgia Environmental Conference

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AVIP Vapor Intrusion Conference

10/9-10/11/2022, Nashville, TN

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