Project snapshot highlights:

  • State-of-the-Art Vapor Barrier System Protects New School
  • Former Landfill Resulting in Methane Soil Gas
  • 25,000 Square Feet Installed

An elementary school needed a vapor mitigation barrier and venting system to address methane gas from this former landfill site. The environmental consultant engaged Land Science to provide an internal review of the available data collected on the property and assist in recommendations on the engineered design. The vapor barrier and venting design was tailored to accommodate the building’s caissons-with-grade-beams foundation. Land Science, the environmental consultant, and the architect worked closely to develop a final venting layout and the ideal vent riser locations. Due to the sensitive nature of the development as an elementary school, the municipality and the environmental consultant desired to incorporate the best in class mitigation technology for the project. The TerraShield vapor barrier and TerraVent low-profile venting system were installed across the 25,000 square feet foundation. The project required union labor and multiple competitive bids. Land Science’s extensive Certified Applicator Network made it easy to accommodate the complex project requirements.