Project snapshot highlights:

  • New Townhome Development Quickly Moves Forward Thanks to Installation Efficiencies
  • 22,000 Square Feet Installed

The site is a new townhome development in a growing Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood. As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States, housing demand is outpacing supply. The demand for housing most often results in a fast moving building environment as developers push construction to meet the need. At this site, chemical spills from nearby industrial activities contained chlorinated solvents that migrated through the subsurface and resulted in low levels of these compounds in the soil gas. The property developers required a preemptive solution that would eliminate the risk of vapor intrusion in residents’ homes, while maintaining construction pace. Ultimately, the developers chose Nitra-Seal® to provide a combination of best-in-class chemical resistance and installation expediency. The nitrile-advanced asphalt latex reduces the installation time to effectively seal numerous slab penetrations for this 22,000 square feet townhome development, allowing for on-time completion of the townhome community.