A former industrial manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC was purchased for redevelopment in 2017. Building improvements were planned to include a warehouse, offices and self-storage units to serve a growing commercial area. Now located within an urban commercial land use area of Greenville, redevelopment plans included converting the industrial warehouse building into climate controlled self-storage units, and renovating the office into an apartment unit and office.

Prior to purchasing the site in 2017, the current site owners entered into a Voluntary Cleanup Contract and Brownfields agreement with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). The Brownfields agreement allowed the site owners to purchase the site while receiving SCDHEC liability protection for existing environmental contamination by agreeing to perform certain environmental assessment, mitigation, or remediation activities.

Vapor Intrusion Barrier South Carolina

This case study features the following:

  • The Retro-Coat barrier and Vapor-Vent system were incorporated into already planned renovations, saving the site owner time and money.
  • Retro-Coat is resistant to both TCE and chloroform and is a wearing surface, rated for foot and forklift traffic.
  • The Retro-Coat system layers cure quickly, reducing building downtime.
  • The combination of Retro-Coat and Vapor-Vent was chosen as a remedial solution to mitigate the risk of harmful vapor intrusion.