Project snapshot highlights:

  • Preemptive solution mitigates potential vapor intrusion threat in New York City
  • Retro-Coat provides building residents assurance they are safe from breathing any potential contaminants from prior site uses
  • Retro-Coat’s custom finish adds visual appeal to the interior space, enhancing the residents’ living environment

A former 20,000-square-foot industrial warehouse in the Bronx has been transformed into a residence for the community’s housing-insecure population. Based on the property’s history and the surrounding land use, the presence of contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents could not be ruled out. Consequently, the developers worked with the City to develop a preemptive solution to mitigate the potential chemical vapor intrusion (VI) concern. Retro-Coat® — a vapor intrusion mitigation system designed as a long-term solution for protecting indoor air in existing buildings — was proposed.