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Combined Remedy Includes Innovative Geo Seal® Barrier To Retrofit Site in Downtown Atlanta

Video Transcription

Narrator: Downtown Atlanta is attracting young professionals who want to live and work in a vibrant city environment. More and more, developers are looking for creative ways to redevelop once blighted areas and transform them into entertainment centers featuring food halls, farmer’s markets, unique attractions, and community events. Paces Properties, LLC, a leading developer of brownfield and urban sites across the Southeast has been responsible for many popular Atlanta urban redevelopment projects, like the recent Krog St. Market development. Looking for similar areas to develop, Paces purchased the former Larkin Coil Industrial Operations, a large sized property with over 52,000 square feet of former industrial space. One of the keys to the project entailed retaining parts of the original industrial structures, a feature that gives the mixed-use spaces unique character and is a key selling point to tenants and urban professionals who value the character and charm of the historic buildings throughout downtown Atlanta

Patrick Wilson: This was a unique site because there are several old buildings that we restored on the property combined with new buildings. There’s a lot of grade change on the property that also presented challenges to the construction team and the design team.

Narrator: Paces envisioned a 63,000 square foot development that would serve the day-to-day needs of Grant Park, Cabbagetown, Reynoldstown, and East Atlanta neighborhoods. As part of the redevelopment, Paces engaged Nova Engineering and Environmental, LLC, a leading environmental consulting firm, with offices across the southeast. As part of developing the most cost-effective approach, Nova worked with Regenesis and Land Science to design a combined remedy approach using Regenesis’ HRC, BDI Plus, and Plume Stop. The team also recommended a Geo-Seal vapor barrier for all 5 structures.

Jordan Kleine: There were significant chlorinated solvent impacts in the groundwater. And this was a former manufacturing site that wanted to be converted into a commercial use space, so they were looking for appropriate mitigation solutions to make this project come to life.

Keith Rice: When working with Land Science, we’re very intrigued by the options that we were given to mitigate the vapors that we found on-site. They’ve produced several different approaches, both conventional uses of their products, and then also retrofitted uses of their existing products.

Jordan Kleine: Generally, Geo-Seal is installed for new construction projects when you have a clean slate. But in this case, we were dealing with an existing building and multiple existing buildings where we’re actually retrofitting with Geo-Seal. So, we have been involved in helping Nova come up with a configuration that is appropriate for this scenario. And they have installed a sub-slab deep pressurization system within this existing concrete slab on site. Geo-Seal is then being installed on top of that existing concrete slab. And a 2-inch to 3-inch cap slab is gonna be poured on top of the Geo-Seal Barrier.

Chad Northington: So, what I like best about working at Regenesis is projects just like this, where we get to use our combined services and experience to provide a true turnkey solution, whether that’s from the design phase through the application, tapping into our Land Science capabilities for vapor intrusion, using our application division with Regenesis Services to actually apply our reagents that our R&D group came up with. It really covers the whole gamut.

Narrator: The combined approach developed ensures quick and cost-effective treatment of the TCE levels and allows for redevelopment of the site to move forward.

Patrick Wilson: I’m happy with Regenesis and Nova Engineering. We’ve been pleased with the way the application has been installed, and all the team members have worked well with the general contractor to date. And I certainly would use them again in the future.

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