Project snapshot highlights:

  • Downtown Revitalization Effort Moves Forward
  • 70,000 Square Feet Installed

Lincoln Landing is a mixed-use development project in Hayward, California that includes 474 affordable to moderate-income residences and 82,000 square feet of retail space. Petroleum hydrocarbon vapors migrating from an offsite source posed a potential vapor intrusion risk to future building occupants. The superior chemical resistance and constructability afforded by the Nitra Seal® nitrile-advanced asphalt latex factored into the project development team’s selection of a vapor mitigation solution. Nitra-Seal does not require taped seams, eliminating potential vapor breakthrough along the weaker taped-seam joints present in other vapor mitigation systems. This feature was especially important for this project, given the number of penetrations and terminations required by the building floor plan, including seven elevator shafts. The installation was successful, allowing the development of the property to move forward while eliminating exposure to potentially harmful petroleum hydrocarbon vapors. City officials expect Lincoln Landing to help revitalize downtown Hayward as it replaces a department store building that had been vacant for over a decade. Lincoln Landing is the first Nitra-Seal project initiated in Alameda County.