Project snapshot highlights:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbon Vapor Contaminants Effectively Mitigated
  • Solution Chosen Based on Best Combination of Chemical Resistance,Installation Efficiency and Price

An expanding quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain planned a new store in the rapidly growing central Texas market at a former gasoline station site. Although there was no active environmental incident associated with past use, it is common for petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) to remain in the subsurface, undiscovered at former gas station sites. Using their knowledge and experience in developing similar properties, the QSR client recognized the potential risk of petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) vapor intrusion. To ensure their future associates’ and guests’ well-being, the QSR client specified installing the Nitra-Seal® vapor mitigation system as a preemptive measure to protect against PHC vapor intrusion. They chose Nitra-Seal because it provided the best combination of chemical resistance, installation efficiency and price compared to other similarly priced vapor barrier systems. The Land Science certified applicator completed the installation according to manufacturer recommendations within aggressive time and budget constraints, allowing the restaurant to proceed toward its scheduled opening in the Fall of 2020.