Project snapshot highlights:

  • Major automaker trusts Land Science to proactively address potential vapor intrusion risk
  • Nitra-Seal selected because it offered the best economic value for the level of vapor intrusion protection provided
  • The new technologically advanced facility creates hundreds of new jobs for Southeast Michigan residents

A leading automobile manufacturer built a new 520,000-square-foot electric vehicle facility on the site of one of its former plants in Detroit, Michigan. The former site had a long history of automotive manufacturing. Considering the site’s history, and the potential for lingering solvent, fuel, or other subsurface chemical impacts, the auto company was proactive in applying a proven and effective contaminant vapor intrusion solution to ensure a healthy working environment for its employees. Ultimately, Nitra Seal® Nitrile-Advanced Contaminant Vapor Barrier with TerraVent™ Low Profile Venting System, was selected by the construction project team, offering the best economic value for the level of VI protection provided. MTN, Inc., a Land Science Certified Applicator, completed the installation with high efficiency, working directly with the concrete subcontractor to meet the scheduled production rate of the Nitra-Seal system installation. Quality assurance and control testing were completed per manufacturer’s specifications, verifying the integrity and proper installation of the contaminant vapor barrier system.