Case study highlights:

  • Quick service retail restaurant required an effective preemptive vapor mitigation solution to protect future employees and customers from potential vapor intrusion risks
  • The project development team determined Nitra-Seal was the safest, most expedient and cost-effective vapor barrier system to install on this site
  • Land Science Certified Applicator S&H Waterproofing and Construction, installed Nitra-Seal and performed smoke testing as part of the quality control process to confirm proper installation of the barrier

This project development site is a newly opened quick-service restaurant in Conyers, Georgia. Offsite chemical spills from historical operations had resulted in low-level volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released to the subsurface, creating a potential for vapors to intrude into new buildings constructed in the affected area. Recognizing the risk and placing emphasis on future workers’ safety, the forward-thinking client decided that a preemptive measure be instituted, requiring the installation of a vapor mitigation system as part of the construction specification.