Case study highlights:

  • Developer saves time and money, selecting an easier to install vapor mitigation solution offering more protection long-term
  • MonoShield provides unmatched durability, ease of installation, and superior chemical resistance compared to thin-mil plastic barriers
  • Selecting Edgeboro to install MonoShield is a bottom-line cost-savings and investment-protection decision

Scheduling delays and continuous repairs to a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier at a major new logistics complex in New Jersey prompted the project team to change course, engaging Edgeboro, one of the region’s most experienced vapor barrier installation specialists. Edgeboro introduced the development team to Land Science and Monoshield. The MonoShield contaminant vapor barrier system offered the promise of performance and was proven to stand up to heavy construction activities. In addition, the installation speed and the key benefits provided by MonoShield led the developer to select Edgeboro and MonoShield for the rest of the buildings planned.