Project snapshot highlights:

  • Hotel Brand Expansion Into New Market
  • TerraShield Protects Guests and Employees at Hotel
  • 20,000+ Square Feet Installed

A leading hotel brand breaks ground on a new residential-styled suite hotel in an expanding commercial district in Ohio. The first of its kind in the state, the brownfield site required a safe and effective vapor barrier system to mitigate soil gas vapor contaminants from former industrial activities in the area, including spilled chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons. The environmental consultant proposed installing a TerraShield® vapor barrier system to eliminate the potential exposure risk of building staff and guests to these vapors. The project development team agreed TerraShield afforded the best available technology to address vapor intrusion in a structure with numerous penetrations and terminations. In addition to providing superior chemical resistance, TerraShield does not require taped seams which markedly improves the installation efficiency. The Land Science certified applicator installed TerraShield successfully, maintaining the schedule and allowing the hotel to proceed toward its grand opening.