Project snapshot highlights:

  • Former Dry Cleaning Operations Transformed Into Safe Retail Storefront Property
  • TerraShield with Retro-Coat Complete Remediation Efforts
  • First Installation in Los Angeles County

The first TerraShield installation completed in Los Angeles County is a former dry cleaning site redeveloped to make way for a retail storefront. Chlorinated solvents and benzene were present in the subsurface left by past site activities requiring ongoing active remediation over a several year period. The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board oversaw the site remediation efforts, which included soil excavation and operation of a soil vapor extraction system to remove the majority of the contaminants. Although these efforts effectively removed most of the contamination, lower concentrations remained in the soil gas, prompting the need for a vapor mitigation solution. The environmental consultant and their client chose TerraShield® to provide the maximum protection available to protect future retail tenants from potential exposure to harmful chlorinated solvent and benzene vapors. TerraShield was installed at grade, terminating at a concrete slab in the building that remained following soil excavation activities. Retro-Coat™, a chemical-resistant surface coating effective in mitigating vapor intrusion, was also applied to the existing concrete slab and used as a finished floor surface.