Project snapshot highlights:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Tuscaloosa Waterfront
  • Former Landfill Resulting in Mix of Soil Gases
  • 18,000 Square Feet Installed

A brownfield redevelopment project included construction of a new hotel near Tuscaloosa’s Riverfront. The project increases room capacity for the city, allowing it to draw in more tourism from sporting and business events. The project site was once a former landfill resulting in a mix of soil gas vapors containing chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and methane. In order to prevent vapor intrusion into the new building, the certified applicators installed over 18,000 square feet of TerraShield®, in conjunction with an active venting system. Based on the range of contaminants and various concentrations exceeding regulatory screening levels, the TerraShield vapor barrier offered the highest level of protection against VI, as well as long term assurance that occupants would be protected should the active system ever shut off. Coupling the TerraShield barrier with active venting enabled this brownfield property to be converted into productive use for the city.