Project snapshot highlights:

  • Nitra-Seal Ensures Safety for Future Residents
  • Highly Efficient Installation Meets Tight Schedule

A former brownfield site in northeastern New Jersey was targeted for redevelopment. The past industrial activities resulted in chlorinated solvent and petroleum hydrocarbon releases into the subsurface, resulting in persistent, low-level soil gas vapors that would need to be addressed in order to move forward with the multi-family residence construction. The engineering consultant recommended installing a vapor mitigation system (VMS) to the development team to ensure safe indoor air for future residents. The construction plan included a number of interior footings and utility penetrations making installation of a VMS a challenge while adhering to the construction schedule’s tight timeline. To keep pace with this fast-moving development project, the team chose Nitra-Seal® which incorporates a spray-applied nitrile-advanced asphalt latex creating an effective seal around the footings and utility penetrations while maintaining installation efficiency. As a result, the installation was completed quickly, on time, and within budget.