Grocer Selects Geo-Seal

Land Science®, a leader in providing cost-effective, industry-leading vapor intrusion mitigation solutions, was chosen by a leading upscale grocer to provide a vapor mitigation system to protect against the presence of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The grocer selected Geo-Seal for this project due to its proven performance for blocking VOCs on hundreds of sites with the lowest diffusion rates in the industry.

Ultra Premium Grocer Driven by Need for Safest Barrier Solution for Commercial Site

The installation of the Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier under the grocery store was triggered by the adjacent property, which had a history of being used as a landfill. The grocer, which had developed a reputation for providing ultra-premium, high quality foods, had concerns when testing revealed the presence of methane, along with volatile organic compounds. The supermarket undertook a proactive interest in addressing the vapor intrusion since it was to be the anchor store for a large commercial site.

Advanced Technologies and Proven Success Made Geo-Seal the Right Choice

A significant factor in the selection of Land Science for the project stemmed from the Company’s past success in site treatment of high traffic locations, which include Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), gas stations, dry cleaners, and Brownfield sites. In addition, the supermarket chain recognized Land Science for their advanced technologies, cost-effectiveness, and reputation for providing successful, evidence-based outcomes within the restaurant and food services industries.

lst-grocer-2Proactive Approach Provides Safe Environment for Future Tenants

During the redevelopment process, the historic use of a site, or adjacent sites, oftentimes leads clients to take a proactive approach in mitigating various land reuse issues, such as vapor intrusion. Part of that approach can include the remediation of the site and the installation of a vapor intrusion barrier to prevent the potential for residual vapor contaminants from migrating into the new structure. Typically, the need for a vapor intrusion barrier stems from various regulatory requirements, demands by legal counsel, or requirements from lenders.

Throughout the Company’s history, our experience in the retail food service industry has shown that the installation of the Geo-Seal vapor intrusion barrier has met, or at times, surpassed the requirements of the site, and provided a “safe” environment for future retail supermarket tenants of the property.

Tested to be the Most Protective Gas Barrier in the Industry

Geo-Seal is the ideal blend of chemically resistant HDPE sheet and spray-applied membrane technologies designed to eliminate vapor intrusion on Brownfields or any type of environmentally-impaired site. Unlike simple sheet barriers, Geo-Seal utilizes a spray-applied core layer that completely seals penetrations while being sandwiched between two layers of protective high density polyethylene.

This vapor intrusion mitigation approach is unlike any other barrier technology on the market today and has been tested by third party laboratories to be the most protective gas barrier in the industry.

About Geo-Seal Description

Geo-Seal® is a gas vapor management technology designed to eliminate vapor intrusion on Brownfields or any type of environmentally-impaired site. Geo-Seal is a chemically-resistant material placed between the foundation of the building and the soil pad to eliminate vapor intrusion pathways and stop contaminant vapors from permeating through the slab.

By deploying Geo-Seal, developers can ensure a healthy indoor environment while reducing the cost of site remediation and expediting site construction.