The effectiveness of a vapor intrusion mitigation (VIM) system depends on the quality of its installation. Improper installation can lead to vapors entering occupied spaces, potentially harming human health, and exposing the owners to legal liability. In order to minimize the possibility of system failure, it is highly advisable to hire an applicator who has undergone a rigorous certification process demonstrating they can meet strict manufacturer installation standards. Hiring an applicator who has not been certified can lead to substandard installation, system failure, and increased risk to human health.

Land Science certified applicators have the knowledge to properly install VIM systems, troubleshoot issues as they come up, and avoid problems before they happen. Hiring a Land Science certified applicator to install your VIM system will ensure that the installation will be performed to exacting manufacturer standards, work to protect human health, help owners avoid legal exposure, and save both time and money.

Certified applicator

7 Reasons to Hire a Land Science Certified Applicator