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USC Village Incorporates Geo Seal® Vapor Barrier as Part of $700 Million Expansion

Video Transcription

Narrator: University of Southern California is known for its long tradition of educational excellence, as a premier learning institution on the west coast. Recognized for its academic and athletic accomplishments, USC ranks in the top 20 universities nationally. Founded in 1879 by real-estate promoter, attorney and judge, Robert Maclay Widney, USC today leads the way in medicine, science, film, business and engineering innovations, and includes many famous alumni. As part of USC’s growth, and to continue to attract top student talent, USC trustees, alumni, parents, and friends endeavor to create a world-class learning environment like none other.

Lauren: I chose USC because I love the undergraduate research opportunities that they can afford to a lot of their students, and because of the academic excellence of the school, overall. I know that if I ever decided to change majors at USC, I would be at a school that’s great for any single one of them.

Narrator: The USC Village project represents an investment of 700 million dollars, in expansion and resources, dedicated to the development of students living in the new residential college system.

Thomas: What’s unique about this project USC is, well, it’s USC. So you have an opportunity to work through a university. It’s a living and vibrant community, but we get the opportunity to provide a public health safety option at a university.

Narrator: Boasting 1.25 million square feet, and eight new residential colleges, the USC Village provides a variety of amenities, to enhance learning and community for undergraduate students living on campus.

Lauren: The McCarthy Honors College is a group of 500 students, all with scholarships, who live together. We eat together because the dining hall is right there. It’s a great place to start your freshman year.

Narrator: Providing a safe and healthy environment for student learning was of the highest concern. As part of the construction, developers specified durable and proven materials to ensure the buildings met or exceeded requirements. Prior to pouring the foundation on the buildings, Land Science Geo-Seal vapor barriers were installed, to meet regulatory standards as part of a preemptive approach, to mitigate any possible vapor exposure. Geo-Seal is a sub-slab vapor barrier system, placed between the foundation of the building and the soil pad, to eliminate vapor intrusion pathways, and stop contaminate vapors from permeating through the slab. A three-part system, that includes two chemically resistant layers with a spray applied core layer, Geo-Seal has been lab tested and proven to provide the highest level of protection against vapor intrusion.

Hieu: In the end, what effectiveness of it is ability to seal around difficult penetrations, seams, and also around any termination points. Geo-Seal itself has been used over many site that has high levels and has been proven very successfully.

Thomas: Some of the considerations when we deal with installing Geo-Seal in a project of this magnitude is, ultimately, the most important thing is schedule. Working through and working with the construction schedule to make sure that we’re given the opportunity to put a type of barrier in. But, then, also making sure you’re doing rigorous tests throughout the process of each one of the buildings to make sure that seal is created.

Hieu: Knowing that Geo-Seal was installed successfully at USC, we are confident that it will perform, and it will protect against vapor intrusions for many years to come.

Narrator: Today the USC village is home to over 2,500 undergraduate students. Expanding available housing by 24%, that make this project, according to USC president, “…by far, the biggest thing USC has ever done, and probably will ever do.”

Lauren: I absolutely think the Village reflects, like, USC’s commitment to that academic excellence, because it’s important to invest in students’ living spaces. In order to study well, you have to live well, and I think the Village is a great reflection of that.

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