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In an effort to provide the best support possible to environmental consultants, architects, contractors, applicators, and inspectors, Land Science provides a variety of pre-engineered details and information for different vapor intrusion mitigation designs and solutions. For more information or to inquire about a unique design, please contact Land Science support at

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Detail #Detail DrawingPDFDWG
RET – 01Retrofit Option 1PDF-icondwg-icon
RET – 02Retrofit Option 2PDF-icondwg-icon
SEQ – 01Penetration SequencePDF-icondwg-icon
SEQ – 02Repair SequencePDF-icondwg-icon
SEQ – 03Termination SequencePDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 01Base OverlapPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 02Under Perimiter FootingPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 03Elevator PitPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 04Pile Cap TerminationPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 05Step Slab ConditionPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 06Below Grade ShoringPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 07Below Grade OverlapPDF-icondwg-icon
VMS – 08Vertical TerminationPDF-icondwg-icon
VVI – 01Vapor Vent RiserPDF-icondwg-icon
VVI – 02Vapor Vent Through FootingPDF-icondwg-icon
VVI – 03Vapor Vent Over FootingPDF-icondwg-icon

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