As an entrepreneur, franchisor, or small business owner, understanding the potential impacts of the environment may have an influence the success of your business. Poor air quality, waste, and pollution are all possible contributors that may affect  your business, but there are measures in place to minimize them. Many think of “going green” as recycling, switching to “paper free,” or ride sharing on their way to work. All these efforts are good for our environment, but there are other environmental impacts like contaminants in groundwater and soil that affect property and may require a remediation solution.

If you’re looking at properties to fix up and start a quick service restaurant as an example, taking a proactive approach in knowing the environmental history behind your purchase is always wise. There could be contaminated groundwater or soil under or surrounding the property that should be investigated to avoid potential  risk. For example, if you receive information that the property was a former dry cleaner operation or gas station, there is a high chance the property  will be  in need of remediation. Consider having the site tested by a professional to check  non-detect levels have been confirmed. Even if there are contaminants found on-site, you can still transform a former brownfield property to a high functioning quick service restaurant in a matter of months depending on the severity of the project. There are many government and regulatory requirements associated with the application of remedial technologies., Many environmental professionals involve the help of experts in the industry, like Land Science, a division of Regenesis.

Land Science has helped to remediate  hundreds  of these former brownfield sites across North America and has proven performance results with its vapor intrusion barrier system technologies like Geo-Seal, Retro-Coat and Vapor Ventr. Within the restaurant and food service industries specifically, Land Science has a reputation for providing successful and cost-effective outcomes. Therefore, it’s absolutely possible to achieve a safe environment in your new quick service restaurant property.

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