Ohio EPA vapor intrusion guidelinesThe Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization (DERR)  has developed a memorandum on action levels and response timeframes for sites that are being investigated for vapor intrusion of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other associated chemicals. DERR developed this guidance in consultation with USEPA and uses these risk levels and response times when conducting Ohio EPA lead investigations for the CERCLA and RCRA programs.

This guidance does not have the force of law, but Ohio EPA recommends its use to outside stake holders, including the Voluntary Action Program (VAP), in evaluating the concentrations of volatile compounds in groundwater, soil gas or indoor air in residences and commercial buildings.  Refer to this link for further information relating to the recent memorandum on the document titled “Recommendations Regarding Response Action Levels and Timeframes for Common Contaminants of Concern at Vapor Intrusion Sites in Ohio.”

Ohio EPA also has a Vapor Intrusion guidance document titled “Sample Collection and Evaluation of Vapor Intrusion To Indoor Air” developed in 2010 with a memorandum from May 2016. In addition, you can visit Land Science’s Resource Page for links to each state agency, vapor intrusion guidance, as well as national and federal guidance documents.

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