Project Highlights

  • Geo-Seal®‘s triple‐layer protection consisted of spray‐applied membrane encapsulated with HDPE providing chemical resistance and ease of application
  • 100,000 square feet of barrier successfully installed in 10 days, saving the owner three weeks of costly labor compared to the originally specified PVC sheet
  • Smoke testing procedure ensured integrity of barrier and installation

Project Summary

A 104,000 square foot manufacturing facility required the use of a vapor barrier due to migrating chlorinated solvents in groundwater from a nearby plume. In addition to the vapor barrier, a 30 mil battened and welded PVC sheet was also specified for enhanced protection which required an extended installation time. Five weeks were estimated to install the PVC sheet due to a complex 20,000 square foot office area adjacent to the manufacturing facility.

To save time while delivering a safe and effective solution, Geo‐Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier was installed and eliminated the need for the PVC sheet installation. Geo‐Seal contains a triple layer protection that includes a 60 mil spray-applied asphalt/latex layer encapsulated with two layers of high density polyethylene, providing a system that is chemically resistant yet easy to install.

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