Hieu Nguyen

Principal Engineer

Hieu Nguyen: (949) 892-8856

Hieu Nguyen is the Principal Engineer of the Land Science division of REGENESIS, Inc. In his role, Hieu oversees product implementation at construction sites and provides technical support to regional and district managers as well as Land Science clients. Hieu offers over fifteen years of experience supporting vapor intrusion mitigation system designs, specifications and installations across United States, Canada and Australia. He is also an active member of the ITRC Petroleum Vapor Intrusion task group, AICHE and ASTM D04 Asphalt Emulsions Tests and Specifications. Prior to joining Land Science, Hieu worked as a product manager and technical engineer for a leading spray-applied asphalt latex gas barrier manufacturer. Hieu earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Hieu enjoys swimming, hiking, and doing his own research in his spare time.