Project Highlights

  • Approximately 55,000 square feet of GeoSeal® installed
  • Geo‐Seal eliminated the need for more costly and time consuming multiple membrane applications
  • Applied in colder temperatures, (below 45°F) without artificial heat, saving the client time and money
  • Approved by the State of Delaware for chemical and water protection

Project Summary

The new Kent County Courthouse was in need of gas vapor mitigation resulting from a subsurface contaminant plume. Originally, a spray‐applied asphalt/latex membrane for gas vapor protection was specified in addition to a bentonite product for waterproofing protection.

The end result would have required the installation of two membrane systems, one for gas vapor and one for waterproofing. As the project progressed, the construction start was scheduled to take place in the winter. The cold temperatures posed a problem for the installation of the specified gas vapor barrier due to the costly need for tenting and artificial heating, per the manufacturer’s requirements.

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