Project Highlights

  • Geo‐Seal® selected over other vapor barrier options due to its superior chemical resistance, ease of constructibility and cost‐effectiveness
  • Approximately 16,000 square feet of Geo‐Seal successfully installed
  • Vapor‐Vent HD trenchless passive ventilation system utilized to alleviate buildup of vapors beneath the structure
  • Site achieves LEED “Silver” Certification for green construction technology on historic site

Project Summary

A new fieldhouse utilizing the latest in green technology was constructed by the Public Building Commission (PBC) in the city of Chicago, IL. The development incorporated various sustainable design elements and materials to achieve the Commission’s goal of LEED “Silver” Certification. Past use of an adjacent property resulted in chlorinated solvent contamination which presented a vapor intrusion risk on‐site.

Geo‐Seal, a triple‐layer, composite vapor intrusion barrier was installed to protect the users of the fieldhouse from potential exposure to chlorinated solvent vapors. The Geo‐Seal technology was chosen by PBC’s consultants, Parson Corporation and Carnow Cornibear & Associates, based on an evaluation of various gas membrane technologies, including a simple spray‐applied asphalt latex membrane and HDPE sheeting. The Geo‐Seal system was designed and inspected by Terracon Consultants.

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