For Mike Steel, Director of Operations at MTN Inc., a leading provider of vapor barrier systems and a valued Land Science® certified applicator, the decision to pursue a career in environmental services, specifically vapor mitigation, was in response to a longstanding desire to make a positive contribution on our environment. He shares, “Through working construction in the early years of my career, I saw the outcomes caused by some of the effects of chemicals, gas, and VOCs.  I felt the need to provide a safer environment for future generations and decided to  make it my mission to  work in the industry, with the hope of making a contribution toward real environmental progress.”  After owning his own firm, Mountain Mitigations, for several years, Steel helped form MTN Inc. in 2012, and worked his way up through the organization into management, before being named to his current position as Director of Operations. Since vapor intrusion mitigation regulations were somewhat new to the industry, the need to educate various target audiences was at the top of the list. Steel continues, “We needed to educate the public, investors, and contractors on the need for vapor intrusion mitigation and how it can prove to be beneficial when transferring properties, obtaining No Further Actions (NFAs), and ultimately providing a safer environment for owners and tenants. I continue to educate myself and look for opportunities to share that knowledge in ways others can understand.” In addition to his outreach and educational efforts, his responsibilities include managing and overseeing the various teams within the company, along with project management and development.

Steel takes pride in knowing MTN places a priority on maintaining the high standards required in the industry, due to the human health aspects. “Here at MTN we have a strong philosophy to offer the highest quality service,” he says. “We also want to be known for our high integrity. In addition, we are not afraid to work on a range of projects- regardless of the contaminants. Whether it’s a small or large job, we welcome the challenge to take on what other firms may shy away from.” In terms of achieving the company’s long-term goals, Steel sees MTN making significant progress.  “We want to continue being a leader and help revolutionize the future of the industry.” As part of his position, Steel has played a key role in developing several of the company’s primary services. These include vapor intrusion, waterproofing, coatings, concrete restoration, environmental remediation, indoor air quality, air barrier assemblies, consulting, inspections, and design. When it comes to working with Land Science, he enjoys and admires the company’s innovative approach. He continues, “They take a progressive approach to our industry. Land Science is always thinking outside the box. Their modified systems enable effectively dealing with lower level VOCs and provide a more cost-effective approach. Just recently Land Science assisted on a school project where the contaminants were fairly low but still warranted a vapor mitigation system.  It was a tight schedule due to freezing rain and void forms, yet we were able to install one of the first Nitra-Seal modified systems. The end result was a thinner mil that installed in less time and ahead of schedule so that the void forms didn’t get wet, and we were able to pour concrete.” In terms of specific product usage, Steel says MTN uses the full suite of Land Science products,.  “They always seem to have the right vapor barrier solution for the job,” he says.

Living in the Denver metro area with his wife and four children, where he works out of MTN’s main office, Steel appreciates the beautiful surroundings his adopted state has to offer. He continues, “I have been fortunate to claim the state of Colorado as home, but have worked in all 50 states, including Hawaii.” In his free time, he can be found mountain biking or hiking along one of the state’s pristine, challenging trails, with Summit County as a favorite destination. He shares, “I also enjoy riding motorcycles, snowboarding, traveling, and coaching. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have coached my children in soccer, basketball, football, track, and cross-country.” He also finds time to volunteer with groups to help build schools and churches, in remote areas such as Nepal and Zambia.  “About three years ago,” he shares, “we built a school in Zambia and I continue to travel and promote the educational aspects and development of the community. It’s gratifying to see how the school has continued to grow- it now includes the seventh grade. We have also sponsored a youth center, mentoring programs, coaching, and youth clubs there.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his work, he responds by saying how much he enjoys leading a team, particularly when it involves achieving a goal. He continues, “The hard work is worth the effort. It’s gratifying for the teams to see the fruits of their labors, along with helping to provide a healthy environment for others.” And the most demanding aspect of his work? “The day to day challenges and unforeseen issues, which I enjoy overcoming.” In conclusion, Steel looks forward to an industry with a bright future. “Our industry has grown immensely, and the technology seems to be improving with more awareness and new technologies, like the ones developed and provided by Land Science. MTN really enjoys and appreciates working with Land Science, and we look forward to their continued innovation.”

Land Science is proud to have Mike Steel, co-founder and Director of Operations at MTN Inc., as a valued certified applicator and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his diverse background and approach in providing successful remediation and mitigation outcomes for Land Science and its clients.

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